About AI Lab

Avian Influenza Laboratory, Institute of Tropical Disease, Airlangga University, Surabaya is working in the bird flu research field collaborating with Kobe University, Japan .

AI Laboratory, ITD Surabaya Team Members

AI Laboratory, ITD Surabaya Team Members


The laboratory, which led by Dr Chairul Anwar Nidom, currently active in bird flu virus surveillance within Java island.


Poster presentation at Asian Research Forum Emerging and Re-emerging Disease 2009, Hokkaido, Japan


Surveillance on birds at bird market

Surveillance on cats

Surveillance on cats

Surveillance on meat market

Surveillance on meat market

Serological survey on human

Serological survey on human



  1. We need 300000 vaccines of bird flu, can you send your price etc

    • we haven’t produced yet. Now we’re still establishing the plant. We will inform you as soon it is ready. Thank you for your interest on our product.

  2. Are there any tropical diseases that have neurological symptoms? That cause degeneration of the brain?

  3. Hello Ahmed Ali,
    I believe lot of disease can show neurological symptoms, such as typhoid fever, malariaand also bird flu infection. I’m not sure if it may causes degeneration of brain. We have several research fields studying tropical diseases. You may contact the related researchers to ask more details.
    Best Wishes,

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